Saturday, May 27, 2017

DIY: How To Stain Glass Jars & Bottles

I have something to tell you, 
after working hard day in and day out all through the week
 I feel exhausted. So weekends are to revive and rejuvenate my body, mind and soul.
 I never sit idle and always keep myself engaged in doing some constructive work. 
Hence I like to do DIYs on weekends and I highly recommend you all to give this thing a try at least once. It's like therapy it's not only healing but an invigorating experience too. Give yourself some time every weekend, do whatever makes you happy, enjoy that moment and then you will feel light and full of energy, ready to face the new week with lots of positivity. 

DIY how to dye glass jars and bottles

The weekend is here and if you are interested in trying some DIY this weekend then I have one for you. Watch the video tutorial below on how to stain/ dye/ tint glass jars and bottles. 

Stained glass jars and bottles are quite a versatile decor pieces. You can incorporate them into your home decor in many ways. Maybe I'll share all those ideas soon but for now here is how these pretty bottles and jars sitting pretty on my coffee table.

How to color glass jars and bottles

DIY how to tint glass jars and bottles

Hope you all liked the video. I'll be coming up with more such videos so stay tuned!!
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Balcony Gardens With Personal Touches

Whether you have a huge garden in front of a sprawling bungalow or 
a tiny balcony garden in an apartment, it will not make a pleasing space for you until you add some personal touches to it. A balcony garden is a promise to mother nature that we will always find a way to bring you into our homes. 

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Reema Sarvanan
Today we have two special guests with us from Bangalore who are going to share how they turned their balcony gardens into a space where one can sit, relax and find some respite from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Reema Saravanan:
Reema is joinin juggles between work and family and tries to create a balance. In addition to her IT job, she had also started a new venture 'Cushion Harbour'.  Here is how she turned a small balcony garden into a space that reflects her personality. 

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Reema Sarvanan
"An apartment is seldom a place for individuality or originality, with every house looking exactly the same and adding to it is the constraint of limiting ourselves to balcony gardens. But I wanted to make the most out of it." 

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Reema Sarvanan
"My father raised me garden friendly and with his love for plants, I inherited his green thumb too. I have dedicated 2 out of 3 balconies to my plants."

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Reema Sarvanan
"The focal point of my balcony is the wall. I have accessorised it with a few wrought iron pieces I purchased from several exhibitions. I think the contrast of wrought iron against a white wall is universally attractive." 

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Reema Sarvanan
"The tiny chair you see there is where I sit and drink my morning tea and I wouldn't miss it for anything. In short, I would like to say that my balcony is a garden which is home to not only plants and decor but also a piece of my childhood and heart."

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Reema Sarvanan

Raaga Madhu:
Madhu is joining us from Bangalore and showing us a before and after picture of her balcony garden. You don't always need to burn a hole in your pocket when you think of a makeover of any space in your home. Here is how Madhu did it without spending a fortune.

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Raaga Madhu
"We live in Bangalore. We have a medium sized balcony on the west side of our home. To decorate it, I must say I had not spent much. I bought all the terracotta pots from potters and not from nearby nurseries that saved me a lot of bucks." 

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Raaga Madhu
"Then I painted them myself in sync with my balcony flooring and its walls some of them I left as is. The terracotta couple here is from Brougham from Madanapalli in Andhra. I repainted them according to my taste."

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Raaga Madhu
"I felt that there was something missing on the wall so, the sun on the wall was painted by me with acrylic colours it's Madhubani art inspired sun. I used the yellow tiles from leftover scrap and placed them in the middle to add to the balcony decor. The butterflies are the silicon fridge magnets placed in the pot with small rods."

Indian Balcony Garden
Image Credit: Raaga Madhu

That's all I had for you today. Hope you found some easy tips and ideas to decorate your balcony garden. If you too want to share your garden spaces on 3D you can write to me. 

Stay tuned!! I'll be coming up with a new DIY video. Till then connect with me here:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cherry Tomatoes: 3 Flameless Recipes To Try With Kids

Summer vacations!!
And most of us are already scratching our heads to find out the ways to keep our kids engaged in some creative activities all the time. But please don't bother them with too many activity classes. Let them enjoy their childhood and try to create memories by spending some quality times with them. Here I have an easy way to keep them involved and at the same time inculcate some good qualities in them. Watch the video below and let me know your views!!

I grew cherry tomatoes in my balcony garden a few months ago and now it was the time to harvest them. I had some vegan recipes in my mind and thought I would involve my son too as these are fireless/flameless recipes and can be tried with kids. Ingredients I used are all highly nutritious and when kids prepare food by themselves then they are tempted to taste and finish it all and that's a win-win situation for parents.
Three flameless recipes that I tried with my son are:

Cherry Tomato Fireless Recipes

1. Cherry Tomato Appetizer:
We used cherry tomatoes and soaked almonds but you can use grapes, berries or cheese balls in place of almond. Using a toothpick, spear a cherry tomato then soaked almond/berry/grape/cheese and then again cherry tomato. Place it on a plate and garnish with chocolate spread.
Nutritional Value:
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, protein and fiber, almonds are a good source of vitamin E, Vit. B2, phosphorus, magnesium and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

Cherry Tomato Recipes

2. Cherry Tomato Salad:
Cherry tomatoes, cubed cottage cheese, cilantro, lemon, salt & pepper are the ingredients we used in making this very easy but delicious salad. We mixed all the ingredients and the healthy salad was ready.
Nutritional Value:
You get a good dose of vitamins and minerals with cherry tomatoes, Cottage cheese is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, cilantro is rich in antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins and dietary fiber while lemon contains vitamin C, citric acid which aids in digestion, minerals and fiber.

Cherry Tomato Recipes

3. Cherry Tomato Mini Pizza:
Whole wheat bread, herb cheese spread, cheese slice, cucumber slices, cubed cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, oregano, salt and pepper are all we needed to make our mini bread pizzas. First, we spread herb cheese and then placed a cheese slice on the bread and topped it with cucumber, cubed cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes. Sprinkled oregano, salt and pepper to taste and then placed in a microwave oven and grilled it for 9 mins. on high power.
Nutritional Value:
Now you know the nutritional values of cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese. I will go ahead and tell you about cheese spread and cheese slice well, these are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals but are also high in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium so it is not advisable to use these cheese products if you are obese or have heart/kidney disease. Cucumber is a low-calorie vegetable and contains lots of water and dietary fiber hence aids in weight loss and digestion. It is also a good source of vitamin A, Vit.C, Vit. K and minerals. Best thing to eat in summers to beat the heat.

Cherry Tomato Recipes

Please do share your ideas on how you keep your kids busy during their summer vacations. I hope you liked the video. I'm coming up with the next one soon. So stay tuned!!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Design Decor & Disha Inspired Indian Art Gallery Wall

Time and again, I have shared with y'all 
the joy of being a blogger and how my blogging+vlogging are taking me to another level. I leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating the content for my blog and now my YouTube channel too. And I really feel that I have achieved something in my life when I get to know that my work inspires so many people out there. It feels great to have my hard work pay off!!

Wall Decor Ideas

Today with me I have one of my wonderful blog readers from Bangalore who got inspired by my Indian Art Gallery Wall that you see in the image above and created one in her home. Dear readers here is a tete-a-tete with Smrity, a working woman, avid crafter, decor & DIY enthusiast and an artist too.

"My Name is Smrity Bhawna and I am from Bangalore.
I am working with Tata Communications Ltd as a Service Manager.
I am passionate about arts and crafts. Over the years I have learned many useful crafts such as Canvas painting, paper quilling, crafts using waste materials, Glass paintings, Anchor stitch etc…Also, I love to spend my time in my balcony garden." 

Here are some beautiful silhouette paintings done by Smrity.

Acrylic Paintings

"I've been passionate about my hobbies. It's fun to stay busy with stuff that makes one happy. Since childhood, I love to draw and paint. Sharing you one of my childhood story, when I used to travel hill stations, I was carrying my drawing book along with paints to capture serene beauty as painting. As time moved on and as days progress my life started becoming hectic with more personal and professional responsibilities but because of my passion, it kept motivating me to balance my hobby with my busy life."

Did I mention this Buddha silhouette painting is my favourite!!

Silhouette Painting

"My hobbies are a stress buster for me. After hard day something is required to make you happy. My family supports me to continue with my passion and we manage all work together to avoid anyone being carried away by loads of responsibilities."

Indian Art Gallery
"After seeing Disha's post regarding Indian Art Gallery wall I got the idea to decorate my wall too with my paintings."
Gallery Wall

Here is a closer look at the paintings on both the walls in the living room.

Gallery Wall Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas

"My small try to beautify my garden with Wall Paintings."

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

"My favourite corner of the house where I spend most of my time. My beautiful and colorful Garden…BEST PLACE in my AASHIYANA."

Best Out of Waste
"When everyone is trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle, these green recycling crafts are a simple and fun way to do this. Besides, instead of taking all your old magazines, newspaper, bottles or CDs to a recycling centre, you can make little gifts for your friends. So, don’t throw out that stack of papers or other wastes."


This brings me to the end of this blog. I hope you enjoyed all the creative work done by Smrity. Leave a line or two for her in the comment box to let her know how we care about each other and how we are ready to encourage and support each other.

Signing off for now and I'll be coming back soon with another awesome blog. Stick around!!
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DIY African Basket Inspired Planter

I am back with a DIY after a long time and you'll love this.
Today I'll show you how you can make African rope basket yourself and can use it in various ways. I am using it as a planter and totally loving it. It has turned out pretty awesome. 

African Basket Inspired Planter

Watch the video below and in case you have any queries leave me a comment here or on my YouTube channel and I'll answer them as soon as I read them.

I am quite happy with this DIY project and playing around with the African basket inspired planter. These baskets are in trend these days. Whether you are giving a bohemian, African or jungalow touch to your decor this DIY African basket will never disappoint you in achieving the look. Here is how it is sitting pretty in my home now.

African Basket Inspired Planter

I have created this small seating in my home office and this African rope basket is a perfect addition here. It is blending quite well with the color palette. 

African Basket Inspired Planter

Patterns on this African basket are inspired by Turkish Kilim. I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will be giving it a try. If you do then please do share the picture with me and I'll be glad to feature you on my FB and Instagram pages. 
See y'all soon with a wall inspired by 3D's Indian Art Gallery Wall. Stick around!!

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