Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rugs......handmade unbelievable!!

As winters are here and I am looking for everything that keep my family warm and keep them away from cold. So I just wanted to spread lot of rugs here n there in my home my kiddie doesn't like wearing socks or slippers. Thus I just googled and came across a very nice site where I found handmade rugs and couldn't resist to share all these with my blog readers. Here are some nice rugs. Below is crochet rug.

Image Source:

This one looks like real grass and is made up of three almost similar color of yarn.

Image Source:

This rock pool candy rug is just awesome.

Image Source:

Now this one is again of crochet and kids will going to love it.
Image Source:

Nice purple crochet rug for bedroom.

Image Source:
And now this is juat an eye candy its not handmade but can be a gr8 inspiration.

 Image Source : Click here


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