Friday, August 5, 2011

When Creative Juices Flow- Splash of Color

Colors, colors  and colors that's what keeping me busy all these days and bit tied up with household chores and naughty kiddy.
Friends I've added few colors to my garden...actually this was in my mind for quite long time now and finally did it. 
I painted planters in different colours and added floral motif to break the monotony. I am thinking to paint some more pots (or may be all of them) with different shades and motifs. Lot more to do but for now what I've done ...I just want to show u all my dear friends.

Thats not all I also painted few plastic containers ......and I have few ideas how I gonna use them and sure I'll let u know.....till then have a look. I used enamel paintas a base coat and for details and motifs acrylic paint and varnish as a top coat.

This orange one is a terracota pot on progress.......

The blue one is completed and this is how it looks it will going to serve as a planter.

All these from my side what you are upto friends..... let me know !!

Happy weekend and stay creative my friends!!


  1. This is so beautiful Disha, your plants will be very happy:)your color choices are great too.Can't wait to see what you will do with plastic containers. I would love to know...

  2. Thanks Nayana dear, ur comments always encourage me. Definitely going to show u what I did with plastic containers.

  3. Wow Disha...gorgeous !!You have taken this planters to a whole new level !!those motifs are so beautifully painted.I love it!!thanks for sharing , Girl :)

  4. Beautiful... Love what you have done with the blue pot !

  5. disha i love this soo much...thx for sharing ths wonderful idea...the floral motif is absolutely apt for them...

  6. The pots look very colorful and nice. The blue pot with tiny little flowers is my favorite.

    Thanks for linking. The party for this week - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner - is on. Hope to see you there with latest posts.

  7. Disha.. its truly beautiful.. Love the colours.. and the contrast colours used for the flowers as well.. wow!! You are super talented..

  8. lovely yellow... and beautiful leaf motif... !!!

  9. What a way to beautify your garden. I loved the motifs especially the lotus and the leaves on yellow..


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