Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indian Art: Dhokra Art (Eastern and Central India)

Dhokra also known as the Dokra art form is very ancient indian art form dated back to 4000-5000 yrs. The art form originated from the Bastar in Chhattisgarh(India).Name Dhokra is derived from the tribes(Dokra) who are  metal workers of tribal community in Bastar. The tribe extends from Jharkhand to West Bengal and Orissa.

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Process of making Dokra art piece is even more interesting. Dhokra metal crafts follow the traditional method of lost or vanishing wax technique. First the clay core is designed  and then is layered by wax, resin and nut oil. Wax is then carved and every fine detail is given again this is covered by clay it works as a mould for metal art piece. Clay is then cooked and wax comes out from the drain ducts. Molten metal (that is mainly brass and bronze scraps) is poured inside the mould. After the metal has taken shape and as cooled down, outer clay layer is chipped off. Metal art piece is then polished and finished. Thus this method has a big disadvantage that mould can be used only once and hence two art pieces will not be exactly the same.....interesting isn't it!!
Inspiration is from environment, trees, birds, animals and rituals also.

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Intricate design and every fine detail on each article holds its unique and distinct identity. This art form is indeed the most beautiful art form among ancient Indian arts.

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