Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY: Bird House

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So it's my third DIY/recycling project in this month. Isn't that fantastic. Well the first one was Decorative tray made out of old newspapers and the second one was hanging planter made of plastic bottles.
I am sure that this third one that is bird house made of plastic food container, you will enjoy more than any other DIY in this blog. Before summers arrive be ready to provide food and shelter to lovely little birds. This project is kids friendly and you can involve your little one also. Let's start here:

1. Gather your supplies

     1. Cardboard
     2. Scissors
     3. Knife
     4. Paper rolls (how to make learn here)
     5. Glue
     6. Plastic food container
     7. Food container's lid
     8. Acrylic color
     9. Brushes
    10. Twine/rope

Step 2. Make a small hole at base of plastic container.

Step 3. Insert both the end of twine in this hole to make a loop and make a knot inside the container. It will look like as shown in image below. It will be used for hanging the bird house.

Step 4. Put the lid on, press it properly.

Now glue the lid using hot glue gun.

Step 5. Now it's time to prime it. Use acrylic color.

Step 6. Now cut circular shape 2 cm above the base of the container that will serve as an entrance.

Step 7. It's time to make a roof. Cut the cardboard as shown below.

Put one end on the other and glue it.

Step 8. Here you will need all the paper rolls. Start sticking rolls one by one on this cone shaped roof or you can skip this step and directly paint this cone in your choice of color.

Step 9. Now the roof is also ready. Prime it and then paint both the roof and house in your choice of color. Don't forget to give a top coat of varnish.

Step 10. Now pull out the twine loop from a hole on the top of the roof. Bird house is ready.

This is how my birdhouse looks. My Son enjoyed this DIY thoroughly and I am also very happy to see how it turned out :)))

I tried placing and hanging it around different places in my garden until I found suitable one.

Near bird feeder.........

Under the palm.........

Between money plant.........

On the pillar............

And finally hung on a branch which I found the most suitable place in my garden as this part doesn't get lot of sunlight.

What do you think of my bird house. Do you have a bird house share your images on my Facebook page and I would love to feature it in my blog :)


  1. what a sweet idea-and a a great way to recycle at the same time! Happy PPF!

  2. this is do cute so going to try it for my home....

    1. Sure Priti and birds will find a new home that they will going to love :)

  3. This is so cute are on roll... :)

  4. Absolutely fantastic Disha...and what i can see is that your little one has contributed here and so he does deserve a big tight hug :)

    1. Thanks Ritu,
      Little one never fails to lend his helping hand in my every project :)

  5. This is so sweet and will have many little birdies coming in to your balcony soon Disha...nice to see your little one too taking interest.


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