Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vastu Gyan: Dining Room Vastu

Dining room is a place where you have food with your family members and chat with them. This is the place where you entertain your guests also. So this place should be as pleasant as any other room in your house.
Dining room can be located in the east, south or west in the house but it should be close to the kitchen or in continuation with the kitchen. It will be easy to serve hot food if dining room is close to the kitchen.
Color of the dining room's wall can be orange, pink, green, cream, saffron or yellow as these colors are considered as appetite stimulator. Light colors can make place look brighter and bigger.

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Furniture i.e dining table should be rectangular, square or can be round in shape but avoid irregular shapes since you need enough space to sit and have food comfortably. Table should be clutter free and beautifully decorated. Table should be placed in the center of the room for free movement.

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While eating food one should keep in mind that head of the family should face east and other members can face east, north or west but avoid facing south. It has a scientific reason that if you face south then Earth's magnetic north pole and body's magnetic north pole repel and one can feel restlessness.

Dining room should never face the entrance of the house as it distracts your mind if visitors come while having food and also some people feel uncomfortable. There should never be toilet or bathroom near dining room as bad odor can spoil your dining experience.

Lastly put up some calming paintings and portraits for stress free and pleasurable dining experience.

Hope these few tips will help you creating stress free and comfortable atmosphere for dining.

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