Sunday, September 28, 2014

Diwali Craft Tutorial - Lantern

As I promised to post a Diwali craft idea in my last post, so here I am with a talented guest today on my blog who will be sharing an awesome Diwali craft tutorial. Welcome Suprita Shetty,  please let us know something about you.

Suprita: Hi!! I am Suprita Shetty from Pune. However since past 5 years I am living in Doha. I am an air hostess in one of the leading airlines. My hobby is dancing actually but ,whenever I get some spare time I try my hand on some creative stuff. However this is the first time I tried my hands on making the lantern. Here the steps are:

Diwali Craft Tutorial

1) Take a jute mat roll which u can easily get from a bouquet shop/stationery shop.
2) Roll it according to the length and thickness you want. I made it 40cms long and rolled it 4 times.

Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • 3) Staple the ends and use glue to stick it lengthwise.
    • Diwali Craft Tutorial

    • 4) Use any of the cardboard sheet to stabilize the roll. Cut it around 2-3 cm thickness and staple it inside the base and the top of the roll.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Just like this.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • 5) Now steps to make butterflies. Take a chart paper of your choice of colour in square shape.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

    6) fold it's corner (like a triangle). Just like the below pic.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Like this
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

    It will look like this after folding it the way I showed above.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Now take the edges of rectangular sheet and fold it inwards on both sides
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Now fold it exactly half and now you will get a small triangle.
Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • Now cut the corner of open side of this small triangle and make rounded. Now turn it upside down. Rounded corner that you just cut should be facing upwards. Now the important part, you need to fold the rounded corner as I shown below.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial
  • Now fold the remaining part as shown in image below and cut two thin and small stripes of paper to make antennae of butterfly. Now paste these butterflies on the jute roll in random manner or as you like it.

  • Diwali Craft Tutorial
    You can add any decorative item as per your choice and then put LED bulb and see it adorning corner in your home.
  • Diwali Craft Tutorial

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Whoa!!! That's great Suprita. I am sure lot of my readers will enjoy making this for Diwali. It's an easy-peasy and very beautiful Diwali craft idea. I am definitely going to try this. Thank you Suprita for sharing this lovely tutorial on my blog :)

Now a tip from my side: Try to make it in different colour and size and display them in a corner/on mantel/on side table. They will add instant cheer to your space. 

Well do try making this lantern and get ready to celebrate Diwali Carnival on my blog with lot of other inspiring friends across the globe. Link party will be live next week. 
Have a happy and creative weekend :))

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Eesha Kolli

Festive season is here and I bring to you a post exclusively on handmade cards. Don't you love sending cards to your dear ones on special occasions. When I was kid I used to send cards to all my dear ones on festivals and on their birthday too but I never bought a card from market I always preferred handmade cards and I still prefer handmade stuff. So today on Design Decor & Disha I have pleasure to introduce you to an artist who makes beautiful cards for every occasion. Each card is unique and beautiful. Welcome Eesha Kolli,  please let us know more about you: 

Thank you so much Disha for giving me the opportunity to share my art with your readers.

Paper Craft

About Me
I am married to a wonderful and very supportive man. I am currently living in New Jersey, USA. I hail from Andhra Pradesh, India. I am an IT consultant by profession. However, my innate passion for art and crafts has made me grow into a freelance ‘Pencil Portrait’ artist, Mixed Media artist and Storyboard artist. I enjoy getting my hands on any of these - 'Card making, Designing, craft making, sketching, doodling or painting with any medium'. That’s my ‘Love For Art in Many Forms’

Paper Craft
Love Birds Card

What drew me into Card making:
I have developed a great interest in Handmade Greeting cards lately and have been working on them since 2012. A wide array of tools, colours and techniques involved in card making, probably, drew my attention. You could apply almost any technique, use any medium of art and make a greeting card. Handmade cards reflect the personality of the artist. Handmade cards reflect the time, effort, thought, planning, wishes, exclusivity and creativity that you have undertaken for the person you want to greet. They are unique and not one in a lot of hundreds or thousands. Card making is not time consuming like many art forms, with right tools in hand. For a working woman like me, this is an advantage.

Paper Craft
Anniversary Card

My blog and Me
‘Love For Art in Many Forms’ has been started in June 2012, with the idea to showcase all my crafty creations which involve paper as a medium. It is a great way to connect with fellow crafters and also participate in multiple challenges.
I was able to make it into several design teams through this blog. This is the point where I draw all my inspiration from.

Paper Craft
Long Distance Relationship Card

What are the tools I use for card making
There are a plenty of tools that I use for card making. Paper trimmers, punches, stamps, ink pads, heating and embossing tools, knives, water colours, copic markers and several kinds of adhesives are a few to mention.

Paper craft
Colourful Best Wishes Card

My Inspiration
Anything colourful and striking inspires me. I visit the kwernerDesigns and  RaspberrySuite blogs very often, as these women inspire and motivate me like no other. Pinterest is another important source of inspiration for me.

Paper Craft
Vintage Birthday Wishes

Where to find my art work
All my art work can be found on my art blog  ‘Love For Art in Many Forms’ primarily. I also have a Facebook page andPinterest board where I post my cards regularly. I will be more than happy to get connected over an email (

Paper Craft
Colourful and Bright Card

Other interests apart from Card making
I love interior designing and party ensembles. I browse through various websites and blogs to observe the trends. I’m particularly interested in Ethnic Indian interiors and ‘Design Décor and Disha’ is one of those blogs to go to.
I also do some freelance party decorations and pencils portraits.

What I Aspire to be
I constantly dream and work towards turning into a designer for cards and party ensembles. I’d love to see my brand of cards deck the galleries and stores.


So if you are planning a party or want to send love to your near and dear ones or may be just want to express your feelings in beautiful and unique way, now you know to whom you should approach. Thanks Eesha for inspiring us I wish you a great success ahead!!

Stay Tuned friends next post will be on Diwali Craft Ideas!!

P.S: All images are provided by Eesha and are subject to copyright!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diwali Gifting Ideas: Gift With Soul

With festive season approaching fast I am all set to share lot and lot about Diwali craft/art/decor and gifting ideas. In this post I am focusing on budget Diwali gifting ideas.
Would you believe if I say that now you can gift your loved ones 'Limited Edition' gifts that too which fit in your budget. That's true d'mart Exclusif brings you variety of Diwali gifting options. Their collection is a class apart. Let's have a look of their mesmerizing collection of silver plated, beautifully designed and perfect for festive occasion products.

C:\Users\Giresh\Desktop\logos in JPEG\d'mart.JPG
-d’mart Exclusif brings you the new Corporate Collection

d'mart Exclusif Store

d’mart Exclusif, a pioneer in introducing a collection of Worldwide Limited Edition representations of limited edition of Indian deities, art & décor and premium gifting options, announces the launch of its new collection of Corporate Gifts under its new brand IOTA. The new collection from d’mart Exclusif carries the potential to lure the customers as d’mart Exclusif brings to you innovative designs and quality lifestyle products. These unique products are among the easiest and most accessible options to present to your special ones with memorable packaging and make them feel extraordinary.

E:\Inputs for PR\Corporate Catalouge Products\Corporate Gifts (35).jpg

This dazzling collection includes attractive Mirror Trays, Center Pieces, Key Chains, Vases, Bowls, Jewellery Boxes, Divine Pieces, Candle Stands and Tableware. These multipurpose products are designed to perfection.

d’mart Exclusif presents the eye catching range of bowls which are best suited for serving fruits, chocolates, finger foods and are also a good option for gifting. These silver plated bowls are skilfully designed and enameled with colorful stones.  

d'mart Exclusif

d'mart Exclusif

Divine Collection
d’mart Exclusif brings you a beautiful silver plated “Pooja Tray”  which includes holder for sindoor and chawal and also includes incense stick holder and divine bell. This divine piece can be used at home and is also a good option for gifting.

d'mart Exclusif

E:\Inputs for PR\Corporate Catalouge Products\Corporate Gifts (54).jpg

Jewelry Box

d'mart Exclusif

d'mart Exclusif

d'mart Exclusif

The range of the Corporate Collection starts from INR. 650/- and goes till INR. 10,000/-

About d’mart Exclusif
d’mart Exclusif, is a part of the Internationally renowned Dolphin Group of Companies. The Dolphin Group, a national player in the lifestyle luxury segment, is dedicated to offering a range of inspirational and lifestyle art and décor pieces, handpicked from across the world. These are available at the d’mart Exclusif signature butiks in:
  • G-6, M.G.F Metropolitan Mall, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
  • 47 North Avenue, Punjabi Bagh (W), New Delhi – 110026
  • Centre Island, Second Floor, Crown Interiorz Mall, Faridabad, Haryana
Hope you liked all these ideas. Happy shopping!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Following Design Trends On The Venue

Since the day I got Dell Venue tab I have been praising its awesome features. Now let me praise a little more about my latest crush: My Venue tab.

Being a design blogger I always try to keep myself updated about design trends. But at the same time I play so many other roles too like mommy, wife, home maker, blogger, artist, crafter & list goes on. I am so occupied that I am hardly left with time to keep myself updated about latest design trends and that's a disaster for design blogger. 
But then technology is always there to save you from such disasters. I am talking about my Dell Venue tab. No matter how busy I am, I can quickly search about latest design trends on Venue, while I am cooking, helping my son with his homework or cleaning (I can listen to audios). Just connect to the internet (that happens in jiffy), make search and a lot about design trends is there right in front of you.

Dell Venue 8

You know logging in to laptop and then keeping it in your hand all the time while you are doing other things can be struggling but, with Venue it has become easier. Just a push of button and it starts working, open the browser and search for latest design trends, take it to the kitchen, keep it there, do all your cooking and at the same time you can listen to the audios or can take a quick look at a short video too. Last night I read about some latest design trends on Venue while I was helping my son with his home work. When he needed my help I just pushed the off button, kept tab aside, helped him and then just pressed start button and resumed reading without any hassle.

Dell Venue 8

I got few mails from my readers who read my earlier posts on Dell Venue, asking me about the features of Venue and advice on should they buy this tab or not.  I would recommend this tab as it's economical, loaded with some very nice features, easy to carry & light weight. 
Thanks to all who enjoyed my video 'Designing With Dell' I am overwhelmed with the response I received. The video got more than 250 hits in just 2 weeks which I never expected as it was my first video.
I case you haven't read my earlier posts on Dell Venue Tab read them by clicking links below :

See you all with some Diwali Craft & Decor Ideas soon!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Good News For Art & Craft Lovers!!

Hola readers!!
I've got two amazing news for you:
1). I have found some very good site for all art & Craft lovers &
2). On account of Diwali I am planning a big art & craft linky party on my blog.

One more thing is that festive season is just around the corner and I am gearing up to do some posts on Diwali craft & DIY ideas. Every week I'll be sharing some unique craft & DIY idea for Diwali. So all of you just be ready with all the art & craft materials.


Now let me disclose what I found for you:
Whenever I get some craft idea the biggest problem I face is gathering all the essential craft supplies. Several rounds of craft store is what I usually avoid with one hyperactive kid in tow. I found online shopping for craft supplies a better solution to my problem but, then buying craft supplies online can burn hole in your pocket. I have come across such online craft stores where freight rate were three times the price of my order and that was a pure waste of money. 
The other day I was thinking that there should be some website where we can get some deals on art & craft supplies too, like we get for other items on so many websites these days. And guess what I found one. I explored CupoNation thoroughly and found some amazing deals on art & craft materials. This website has lot of other deals too .
I am providing some links, go through these and then you will know what exactly I am talking about.
There you can find deals on Cards & kits, pens & markers, home decor and many more other categories too. Some best deals for art/craft decor items at CupoNation are:
Indabycraft: Deals for home decor products
Creative Craft: Deals for black pottery
Craft Adda: Deals for pens, marker, cards, kits, farm animals etc.
FabFurnish: Deals for home decor products.

Many more deals are there. Just go through the site and there you can explore more about the deals.
Go ahead dear readers get your art/craft supplies, make some beautiful crafts for Diwali and don't forget to link it in my blog. Link party will be opening shortly.

Good Luck to all of you!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Website Review: Socktail

We are living in a digital age and e-commerce has gained an important place in our lives. 
people love online shopping because of the convenience. You don't need to bother about driving and then finding parking space, over crowded stores, locating a product in store and then after purchasing the product standing in a long queue at billing counter. Lots of hassle isn't it. 
That is why people prefer online shopping...just few clicks and product of your choice will be delivered at your door step.
Now if I say that website I am going to introduce to you is something very different from other online shopping portals, you must be scratching your head. Presenting to you........... 

Online Store Review

About Socktail:  Though socktail was started as online furniture store but very soon they will launch decor, and DIY sections as well. The ultimate goal is to have a social shopping platform for passionate about furniture, home decor and DIY. 

Features:  Now why I said it's different from other e-commerce websites because it is packed with some very useful features. Lets have a look what these features are:

Online store Review

1. Connect:  This feature lets you connect easily with other shoppers and designers as well. You can find me here, checkout my profile click here and lets connect there too :)
- Create profile and share your work with thousands of their visitors. 
- Follow other users and connect with them by commenting on their collections/creations.
- Invite your admirers from Facebook and make your own social network here.

2. Share: This enables you to share your ideas and get ideas from others. 
- Write guest posts, articles, design ideas and get more fan following.
- Bookmark your posts/creations/pics and attract more visitors to your blog.
- Bookmark your findings on internet and make your collections on our website.
- Arrange your bookmarks in lists/albums/collections.

3. Shop: If you are an artist, crafter or designer you can sell your product here in this section.
- Setup your store and Sell your creations.
- Shop furniture and home decor products from other sellers and brands. 

So what you were doing on three different websites till date, now you can do all those things at one place- Socktail. It's hassle free, easy to navigate and loaded with wonderful and useful features. I have registered myself on Socktail and truly loving it. I liked the collection of furniture available there. I am eyeing few of them. Sharing some images just for you.  

Online Store Review, Socktail

Don't you want to check out some more beautiful furniture designs and don't miss the opportunity to connect with other designers and shoppers. Head over to Socktail and give some treat to your eyes. I am so sure that you will going to love all the three features on Socktail. Do I need to say that Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Etsy all these three are at one place now. Come join me.... waiting for you there!!

Link: Socktail

Coming up next on 3D is a lovely and warm space. Stay tuned!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Vaishali Rastogi

Artist feature on Design Decor & Disha after a long time and trust me you will not believe that artwork done by this artist is actually a 3D quilling. Let me first introduce you to an amazing quilling artist Vaishali Rastogi. She left me speechless, I am really unable to describe her distinct style, intricate work and painstaking process involve in making every piece and hence Vaishali herself is enlightening us about her art.

I am Vaishali Rastogi, a 3D quilling artist. Thank you Disha for featuring me in your blog.
I was born and brought up in Meerut, U.P. and got married in 2013 in Lucknow- city of my present stay. 
Since childhood I was very fond of arts and crafts. 
It was in my Chartered Accountancy (CA) finals when I realized my passion for handicrafts. Not being much interested in CA, I dropped it and joined one year diploma in arts and crafts from Delhi.
I first saw a Youtube video on quilling while searching for something and got extremely fascinated by it. So,I decided to try it.
My first quilling creation was a 2D Photo Frame here is the image.....


 The second time I tried a 3D form of Kathakali Dancer and this too came out really well. Have a look....


Since then, I keep on striving to explore myself more in this art form. 
I can share from my experience, that Quilling itself is a time consuming technique. Doing it in 3D with extremely intricate detailing really takes a lot of patience, time, concentration and hard work. I put all my efforts and try to give more than 100% in every project and finalize it only when I am completely satisfied.


Completing a 3D project, like the ones I have made, takes me around 2 months working an average of 5-6 hours daily. Talking about my future endeavors, I want to achieve excellence in 3D quilling and want to see myself as one of the best Quilling artist.


Everyone is invited to visit my Facebook page named “Kagaz Kala Creations by Vaishali”.
You can get in touch with me for any queries and feedback on Facebook or through my e-mail 

She is truly a blessed artist. I am amazed with her energy and dedication for her work. One more reason to love Handmade. If you also love handmade then don't forget to visit her Facebook page and spread some love by liking her page. 
Catch up with all the other Inspiring Artist featured on 3D Click Here

Coming up next on blog is about a website that is combination of some most surfed websites on internet. Exciting yaa!!
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