Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Lippan Work: Video Tutorial

Thank you so much dear all for appreciating my Lippan Work Wooden panels. I am overwhelmed by the response I got. So I created a video tutorial exclusively for my wonderful readers who want to try their hand on this art.

Indian Art

In my last post about Asus Zenfone 6 you saw how I am super impressed with ZenFone 6 and exploring its wonderful features every passing day. So this was the perfect time to test its video recording feature too. I just picked up the ZenFone 6, gathered all the supplies needed for making Lippan work wooden panels, started shooting video and without any editing published it on YouTube. It was extremely easy and quick to make a video tutorial with ZenFone 6 and the most amazing thing was publishing it on my YouTube channel right after I finished shooting it. 

I watched the video I shot, over and over again in great disbelief that how a mobile with some amazing features can save so much time. I had spent around 4-6 hrs in making video tutorials earlier and it was hassle to shoot and then edit the video.
While making video with ZenFone 6, I noticed that I can pause the video number of times whenever I want and can resume it later, it is wonderful feature specially when I am shooting DIY tutorials. Video and sound clarity is excellent.
Below is the video tutorial of Lippan work. You can check out the video and its sound quality. I found it wonderful.

Few more things that I am trying to do with ZenFone 6 is that I am creating a movie with its 'Movie Maker', using series of pictures or videos and then I can edit it.

ZenFone 6 Review

I captured lots of pictures too, will share them in my next post with all the other good features that I am exploring in ZenFone 6

Want to see more images of my Lippan Work then click here.

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