Monday, February 29, 2016

Anthropologie Inspired Planters

I have been eyeing Anthropologie mugs since long and to make my desire even stronger Anthropologie recently launched an enticing collection of Leta, Concha and many other garden planters. The moment my eyes set on those beautiful, vibrant planters, I wanted to recreate the look. 

Let me first show you how beautiful these pots and planters are. Below are the range of Concha garden pots. Ain't they beautiful beyond words. The patterns and colours of these planters are so interesting. 

Anthropologie garden Planters
Image Source: Anthropologie

And look at these Leta Garden pots in below image. They are just gorgeous and can easily liven up any dull and boring space. 

Image Source: Anthropologie
I have been hoarding some clay pots and broken bowls in a hope that some day I'll put them to a good use.

Garden Planters

And here is my humble attempt to recreate the Anthropologie inspired look. I liked the colours and patterns so much that I didn't add anything from my side (except a few). 

Anthropologie Garden Pots

The bowls have four sides and I painted each side with a different pattern. Do you see, I painted my logo too :)

Anthropologie Inspired Pots

I planted the plants that were already flourishing and multiplying in my garden. Here are some more images from different angles. 

Anthropologie Inspired Pots

Anthropologie Garden Pots

And here's the final one to compare. Close enough? Yay or nay!!

handpainted Pots and Planters

Would love to hear a word or two from you, dear readers. How do you find my handpainted planters. 


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