Monday, December 18, 2017

DIY Tassel Earrnigs | Trendy Jewelry

I have shared many crafts here on 3D and all of them were related to home decor and gardening
but today I'm sharing a DIY related to fashion and you are gonna love it. So today I have a tutorial for you on DIY tassel earrings. 

DIY Tassel

Be it fashion or home decor, tassels are very much in trend and add some boho vibes without fail. It's super easy to make them and once you know how to make tassel you can make lots of stuff like tassel necklace, tassel bracelet, tassel earrings and you can add tassels on throws, pillows, cushions, drapes, dupattas, dresses and even on footwears too. Watch the video below to learn how you can make three different types of tassel earrings. I have shown Hoop tassel earrings, interwoven tassel earrings and fringe tassel earrings.

  • Silk thread/embroidery thread
  • Round nose plier
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Earring hooks
  • Jump rings
  • Eyepins
  • Headpins
  • Beads
  • Cardboard

For complete tutorial watch the video above. 
Here are some tips to make your work easier. You can take any thread like embroidery thread, silk thread or wool to make tassels. While wrapping thread around cardboard don't wrap it too tight or too loose just keep it uniform. While making knots try to hide them inside tassel head. After making knots leave few inches of thread (usually the length of the tassel) and then cut it. Otherwise, there are chances that knot will open later. If the threads in tassel are too wavy then either hang the tassel above steam for a few seconds or just use a hair straightener to iron it. If tassels become dirty wash them gently with a mild soap and straighten them as mentioned above. 
Below are the pictures of the tassel earrings I made. 

Hoop Tassel earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings

Interwoven Tassel earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings

Fringe Tassel Earrings

DIY Tassel Earrings

Hope you all like the tutorial. Do let me know which one you are gonna make. Click here to check out my previous DIYs.
I am working on some videos so stay tuned!!
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Friday, December 1, 2017

Wall Makeover On A Budget

Walls in my home are my blank canvases. Every now and then I just love to paint them in colors of my imagination. Like I said earlier, for me decorating isn't about how much money I spend to bring in class and elegance but it's more about how beautifully and effortlessly I am able to use my creativity, use what I already have and make my home reflect my personality. 

When it comes to decorating, I just love to do everything myself that gives me immense satisfaction and joy that it brings is incomparable. So below is the video of my recent wall makeover project, please watch and let me know your views.
------------------------------------------------>>>>> Click Here To Watch The Video <<<<<----------------------------------------------------------------------------

This wall was in a bad shape and desperately needed my attention. Bohemian and African decor was on my mind since long so I tried to mix both the styles and totally loved the outcome.
Below are some before and after images.

African And Bohemian Decor
African Bohemian Decor

African And Bohemian Decor

African Bohemian Wall Decor
African And Bohemian Decor

 African Bohemian Wall Decor After
As you can see the wall makeover is doable and easy on the pocket too. All the rope baskets are handmade and bamboo basket and fan give such an authentic African flavour to the decor.
Bohemian decor is all about mixing and matching the colors, patterns and textures and that's what I love to do when it comes to home decor.

African| Bohemian Decor
Bamboo lamp in below picture paired with tribal figurines is so African while string light inside the lamp and a touch of green create a perfect Bohemian look.
African Decor
Bamboo Lamp
Also, I am totally in love with this DIY bamboo pendant lamp. The idea struck when I was doing the research on African Decor. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to find the right shape of lampshades or not but luckily I found exactly what I wanted.

  African Bohemian Wall Decor
Basket Wall | Bamboo Lamps
Hope you all liked the wall makeover. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Does it look like African | Bohemian wall decor to you!!

Stay tuned to know what's in store for you.
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Diwali Snippets & DIY Festive Decor With 3D Neon Liners

The most exhilarating and joyous time of the year is here. 
 My Diwali is literally incomplete without the DIYs and I wanted to do something unique, extraordinary and that's easy on the pocket too. I am completely bored of the very common yellow, orange, pink, purple, gold and silver color palette. I was dreaming of a whole new color palette this year and that's when I heard about Fevicryl's newly launched 3D liners and guess what now I can #AddExtraToTheOrdinary and my color palette problem is sorted too because the 3D liners come in neon colors. So this Diwali #TurnOnTheNeon

Below is the video where I have shown how you can spice up your room decor without burning a hole in your pocket using these 3D Neon Liners. 

Now let's check out how I decorated my home for Diwali using 3D Neon Liners. I jazzed up some plain and dull looking stuff and it was super amazing to see how beautifully they turned out. 

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

These 3D Neon liners come in four vibrant colors and can be used on various surfaces like metal, wood, glass, fabric, terracotta, plastic etc. Here is how I used these 3D neon pens on various surfaces.
Since Diwali is incomplete without the diyas (earthen lamps), I thought of jazzing up the plain terracotta diyas using 3D neon liners. 

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

The pen shape of the neon liners makes them super convenient to use. I made some easy designs on the diyas and let them dry for 2 hours. This Diwali DIY was so easy that it took me only 10 mins to add the extra to the ordinary and below is the outcome. Tell me how do you like it. 

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

Next, I tried the 3D neon liners on a clay surface. I had some small clay pots or matkis and I wanted to do something with them So I painted the matkis using acrylic colors, added some acrylic stones and perked them up using 3D neon liners.

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

I love how neon colors just pop against the contrasting background and create a lively and cheerful ambience.
Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

I placed some beautiful tealights on matkis(Clay pot) and here is how I styled them with a string light and some fresh marigold. 

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

The third surface I tried 3D neon liners on is glass. You know I had stained lots of glass bottles and jars so I thought why not add an extra dimension to these plain bottles. I made some fun patterns on the bottle and voila!! 
You know what the ink of these neon pens is waterproof so I can wash these bottles if they get dirty. But of course, it can't be scrubbed. I placed string light and flowers in the bottle and gave it a company of serene Buddha figurine and the whole setup created some mesmerizing effect.

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

Here's the next surface, a cardboard. I cut out the circle of 7 inches diameter, fixed a tealight in the centre, stuck some acrylic stones and glammed it up with 3D neon pens. 

HobbyIdeas 3D Neon Liners

Here is how I styled them. I placed the tealight on a bamboo placemat, spread some tuberose(rajnigandha) randomly around the tealights and this vignette appealed not only to visual senses but also to olfactory senses. 

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

It is always so exciting to receive the gifts on any occasion but if the gift box also has some personal touch then it just doubles the joy. So here's my tip, take any gift box and wrap it with a wrapping paper (you can use brown paper too. Believe me it looks good) and make any design of your choice or a monogram with 3D neon liner and let it dry for 2-3 hrs. Your unique gift box is ready!!!

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

See how it makes a world of difference. These 3D liners are so useful that I am planning to give them as a gift to all my creative friends this Diwali. Isn't it a good idea.  

Hobby Ideas 3D Neon Liners

So grab your set of Fevicryl 3D neon liners from HobbyIdeas website before they are out of stock.
Also, you can participate in an ongoing #TurnOnTheNeon challenge by Hobby Ideas that ends on 30th Nov. Just take anything ordinary and add extra to it to make it look extraordinary using 3D Neon Liners. Share your picture on Instagram or FB and tag @hobbyideasindia and use #TurnOnTheNeon hashtag. Lucky winners get a chance to win gift vouchers from Hobby Ideas.
Wish you good Luck!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Last Minute Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

This is the first time that not only I shot and edited the video but also published it in just one day. I worked really hard (well 18 hrs in a stretch) to bring this video to you because 
I had promised I'll share some easy Diwali DIY and Home Decor Ideas. 
So below is the video and I really hope you all like it. 
Happy Diwali To 3D Family!!!

I am already late in sharing the ideas but these are some really very simple and last minute Diwali DIY & Decor ideas. You can involve your family too and make the most of these holidays.
Crepe Paper Marigold Flowers:
I know you can't keep any flower fresh and bright for long. That's when we need faux flowers. Instructions to make crepe paper marigold flowers are given in video. If you can't get crepe paper then you can use colored tissue paper or paper ribbons. I learned this craft from my mom when I was little and still cherish those memories and this is one of my favorite flower crafts.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

I made them in great numbers and loved decorating my home with these paper marigolds.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Dried Branch Dining Table Centerpiece:
I love it when things are done differently and with some personal touches. And rather than indulging in splurge I love to make things my own. That's what I did when I threw a party at home. I created a beautiful dining table centerpiece that looked totally festive. I saw this beautiful string light somewhere and when I found it online I ordered it without the second thought. It is so so awesome that I am using it in almost all my Diwali vignettes. The best thing is that it is LED string light that comes in various lengths and it is waterproof so you can use it outside in the garden, in aquarium and in urn too. If you are intrigued then click here to see and buy this string light. Instructions to use it are given in video and below is the image.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Once the party was over I gave some twist to the dried branch and placed it on the side table in my living room and what a festive ambiance it created in my living room. How did I do that you ask. Well, you can see the steps in the video.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Seashell & Conch Candles:
Now this is the best thing I have ever tried and no, this is not my idea, I found the inspiration on Pinterest and liked it instantly. All you need is just some seashells, conchs, paraffin wax, wicks and ready to use glitter. You can watch the video to see the steps. Here I am sharing the images of these magical and oh so cool seashell & Conch candles.

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

Making seashell candles was such an easy DIY that I spent only 15 mins and it was ready. Don't they make an amazing and unique Diwali gift. I will be making more to gift my friends and family. 

Diwali DIY & Home Decor Ideas

With these cute little seashell candles this post comes to an end. I have some posts pending so you'll be seeing few more Diwali DIY ideas in coming days and then I'll definitely be going on a vacation.
I hope you liked the ideas and will be giving them a try. Click here to see some more Diwali Decor Ideas. Happy Diwali once again and I'll see you soon.

Till then connect with me here.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dining Room Makeover With Wall Art 3D Wall Panels

I had been planning to give a makeover to my dining area since a long time. 
Though I love how airy and bright this space is but I really don't like how it lacks the interest. A few days ago I even asked for suggestions on my Instagram and got really wonderful replies and I thank each one of you for giving some interesting ideas. But this time I wanted something contemporary because I love to blend different decorating styles especially traditional Indian style with a modern twist. 

3D Wall Panels

That's when I got an e-mail from the Netherlands based brand called Wall Art and I was super excited to know that the brand offers a collection of 3D wall panels made of natural fibres. The panels are available in more than 24 designs that vary from industrial to romantic and modern. That's what I was looking for. Something that can add extra dimensions to the wall in my dining area and gives a contemporary feel to the space.Watch the video below to know how I transformed my dull and boring dining room into a spectacular and visually appealing space.

These panels are so versatile and other than installing them on an entire wall you can do so much with these panels. Paint them in the desired color or just use them as accent pieces on the wall. These can also be used as a wall art, paint the panels in two or more colors and put them up on the wall as art pieces. Install then on the wall and fix LED wall sconces or tealights in the centre of each panel to create a stunning ambience. 
Wall Art 3D panels are 100% natural (made of sugarcane fibres), eco-friendly, lightweight and super easy to install. You can install them yourself like I did. You'll be glad to know that these panels are scratch resistant and give a lustrous finish to any wall. You can check out some before and after images of my dining room below. 

Wall Art Wall Decor
Dining Room Before
Wall Art
Dining Room After
These 3D panels work like a wonder and give a rich background to the centrepieces I keep on my dining table. Panels are so dramatic that I don't need any artwork, wall shelf or any other accessories to accentuate the wall.

Wall Decor With 3D Wall Panels

All those who recently sent me messages asking about unique wall decor ideas here is an idea for you if you too love to blend contemporary and traditional style of decorating. You can explore all the designs on Wall Art website.
A big shout out to startup owners and entrepreneurs, Wall Art is looking for partnership in India so if you are interested, please contact me and I'll be happy to share the details. 

Hope you are enjoying newly added 'Crafts In A Jiffy' series on my YouTube channel. I am coming up with Diwali DIY & Decor videos really soon. Stay tuned!!

Till then connect with me here.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Crafts In A Jiffy- Easy Ways To Decorate Tealights

I love doing crafts and you all know that!!
I keep experimenting with new ideas so added a new section on my blog and YouTube channel where I'll be sharing crafts & DIYs that can be done in a jiffy. 

Diwali Crafts
Since festive season is here, I thought of starting this series with festive craft ideas that are extremely easy and take 15 minutes or less. Watch the video below and see how in a few minutes you can jazz up plain and dull tealights.

As you must have noticed, all the ideas I shared in the above video require minimum supplies, are super inexpensive and can be done in a jiffy. Isn't it what we all want in a world that is so fast-paced.
Here are some shots of all those DIY tealights gracing my home.

Diwali Crafts

Diwali Crafts

Let me know which one you liked the most and did the video inspire you to jazz up the tealights!!
That's all from my side. I'll see you soon with one more makeover video. Stay Tuned!!
Till then connect with me here.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Home Tour: Anushikha Dwivedi

I have featured so many home tours here on my beloved blog 3D 
but never got a chance to meet all those wonderful home owners and lovely friends. But this time around the thing is different. I got an opportunity to meet the beautiful, charming, cheerful, vivacious, confident and a very warm person Anushikha Dwivedi who's been living just 4 KMs away from my place and I was not aware until she sent me some images of her gorgeous home after watching Rashmi Chandra's home tour on my YouTube channel. And let me tell you after meeting her I realized how true is the quote that "Your home is a reflection of where your heart is even when you are not there, There is an aura when you step into someone's home that can not be described." Dear folks, I bring to you the video tour of Anushikha's gorgeous, stunning, vibrant and happy place. Watch the video below. I really hope y'all like it!!

Anushikha loves to collect artifacts from various sources like art and craft fair/exhibitions, flea markets, handicraft stores &  from the places she visits. She loves to surround herself with the things she loves. If you love the artifacts you see in the above video and images in this blog then you can contact Anushikha as she runs an online business Anuvik that specializes in quirky & unique home decor items.

Anuvik (Anu+Vik) is founded by Anushikha & her husband Vikram. They both are passionate about arts & crafts. With the encouragement of their parents, friends & relatives they decided to combine their love for decorating and crafting into an online business. They went ahead with home decor items because nothing for them is more stimulating and inspiring than a lovely home. Some of the decor items are designed by creative artisans. Dreamy wall art, gorgeous votive holders, dhokra art, tribal musicians, chanderi silk curtains, ceramic spice jars & racks, anything that can spruce up your home a little bit.

Home Decor Ideas

The philosophy that Anushikha follows is "If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era and price. Your home will be a true reflection of you!!!"
Let's begin the tour. Below is the entryway to Anushikha's home that sets the tone for the rest of the home. Though you can see a burst of colors everywhere in the home but yellow, teal, fuchsia and peach play a major role in tying up the things together.

Home Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushikha

Home Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushika
Below is the seating arrangement in her living room. Warm, cozy and so vibrant. All the decor accents collected from different sources over the years are displayed tastefully in every nook and corner of her home.

Festive Decor Ideas

The other wall in the living room is painted in bright yellow and Anushikha has created a gallery wall to display artworks she bought from exhibitions, from differently abled kids and she also put up a photograph of Mumma bird feeding her babies clicked by her husband Vikram who just loves photography. 

A closer look at the seating arrangement in this area and I am completely in love with it. 

Festive Decor

Indian Home Tour

She has the most gorgeous collection of the artefacts, furnishings and everything else. 

Festive Home Decor

The other side of the living room has this beautiful low seating arrangement with flowy curtains in the backdrop, beautiful artwork on the wall, elegant decor accessories placed right next to it. A place where one can relax, read book and forget about the world.

Indian Decor Ideas

Indian Decor

Next to the low seating is this beautiful set up with wall shelf full of artefacts and books of course, miniature garden and knick-knacks with some personal touches. 

Festive Home Decor

Now let's enter into her kitchen and dining area. All the dining and decor accessories you see here are available at Anuvik. You can contact Anushikha to enquire about the products.

Indian Dining Room

A picture is worth a thousand words, so without talking much about what is where and how beautifully she has turned her house into a home, I'll be leaving you with the images of Anushikha's colorful home to admire and get inspired. 

Indian Dining Room

Indian Dining Room Decor

Indian Dining Table Decor

Kitchen has also got its share of colors. The space looks bright and sunny due to clever use of color.

Indian Home Decor

Indian Kitchen

Below is the picture of guest bedroom. This is also as cheerful as all the other rooms in Anushikha's home. Drapes in chanderi silk create a statement here. 

Indian Home Decor

Indian Home Decor

Indian Home Decor

This beautiful wall in sap green leads to Anushikha's bedroom which is the most stunning room in her home with a beautifully done balcony attached to it. 

Indian Festive Decor
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Anushikha just love to style each and every part of her home. So while I was shooting one room she was busy styling the other room to get it ready for the shoot. 

Indian Decor Ideas

Below is the stunning image of her bedroom that garnered a lot of interest on my Instagram account. Doesn't it look dreamy.

Indian Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushikha

Indian Home Decor

Indian Decor Ideas

Now let's step into her balcony which is oh so stunning place in her home. I have so many images but fewer words to describe this home. I am running short of words!! I better leave you all with the images and you can leave in comments what do you think about this home. 

Indian Balcony garden

Indian Balcony Garden

Balcony Decor

Indian Balcony Decor

What adjective came in your mind after taking a tour of Anushikha's home. Let us know in the comment. Hope you all enjoyed this gorgeous home tour.
Thank a bunch Anushikha & Vikarm for letting us take a peek inside your vibrant & happy abode and for your warm hospitality :)
Craving for more!!! Check out previous Home Tours on my blog.

Stick around to know what's coming up next. Till then connect with me here:

P.S. All the images are clicked by Disha Mishra Dubey and subject to copyright. Please do not use any image without my permission. Thanks!!!

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