Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspiring Eminent Artist: Monika Gupta

Featured artist of this month is Monika Gupta of 'Earthen Style'. Her hand painted terracotta products are a perfect fit for every kind of decor style.  Lets meet Monika:

Educated as a software engineer, MCA from Nirma Institute of Management & Technology, employed as a Manager in MNCs in last 10 years. I left my cushy job and started giving texture, colour and shape to inanimate mud.
I have hand painted lots of terracotta products for home decor which includes vases, pots, masks, hangings and planters.

Monika describes her products as loud, glossy vibrant and attractive and I totally agree with that. Colour and patterns she chooses  on every pot are always so unique and attractive.

Each product is one of its kind. Look at this hanging planter... isn't it amazing.

‘Earthenstyle’ produces delicately crafted earthen pots in different shapes, where the exteriors are textured and finished in vibrant colours  so that unique desirable product for home decor is ready to be marketed.

When I am on a break and not designing, I meet people on internet or face to face, to get their opinions on the work I do. This helps me to understand, likes and dislikes of users of my products.

Our products can be bought from our facebook page and some e-commerce platforms like and
You will also find us in few Exhibitions & Flea Fairs in Bangalore.

Didn't you drool over all her beautiful pots and masks. Tell me which one is your favourite. For me, every piece is just unique and she puts all her efforts and creativity in making different patterns and choosing a perfect colour combination. Don't forget to visit her Facebook page 'Earthenstyle' to know more about her artwork.
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